Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Ludum Dare 24 Results

The voting has finally finished and the Ludum Dare 24 results are finally out. My game, frankly, did a lot better than I expected:

  • Humour #36
  • Fun #239
  • Mood #296
  • Overall #417
  • Graphics #600
  • Innovation #603
  • Audio #615
  • Theme #672

There were 1006 entries in the 48 hour competition. I'd been hoping to finish in the top half of the rankings this time after a poor showing last time and that's what I managed: 417th overall.

The big surprise was the humour score: wow! I was worried that the humour might be a bit too straight-faced for people, or that I'd be the only one who found it funny. Being wrong has rarely been a happier experience!

I was also really pleased with the Fun score. To me that's the most important category after Overall. It means I made something that people enjoyed playing and that's a really rewarding feeling.

It was nice to get a decent score for the mood category too, but I've never really understood what it means exactly. The other scores were more or less what I expected, except for audio: I didn't have any, so ranking above 391 others was a bit of a surprise!

I think if these results tell me anything, it's not to give up. It's still possible to make a decent game, even when you're starting over with less than 24 hours remaining in the competition. Also: the Ludum Dare community is awesome!

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