Sunday, 22 April 2012

Solar Sailor: semi-playable

More progress! Solar Sailor is now kinda- sorta- playable. You can't win or lose yet, but it does have all this goodness:
  • There are gates that you have to pass through.
  • There's a direction line showing you which gate you have to pass through next.
  • The NPC racers now have some basic AI and will actually try to fly through the gates instead of just drifting serenely and hoping for the best.

You can try it out yourself here!

If you can't be bothered to try it out, this is what it's looking like now:

If you do try it, I'd really appreciate any feedback - especially bug reports!


  1. Cool and once you get used to the momentum-y controls it's really good fun :-)

    I seem to lose a lot within a second or two of starting (pretty sure it's not 'coz I'm just really terrible). It may be to do with the next point.

    When I start a second (or third or so on) game, me and the NPC players start from our finishing positions of the previous game and aren't randomly distributed.

    Also, if I enable postprocessing, it just goes black.

  2. Thanks Stephen! I've just posted a new version which resets the game properly (mostly... see below) when you start over. Before it wasn't resetting anything.

    It doesn't reset the position of the racers yet because I'm just about to start designing a proper map and I'll be putting in fixed start positions for each player.

    I'll get the postprocessing fixed too... if I have time. Less than 6 hours to go. Gulp!